Nowadays, the gap in traditional competition areas such as quality of cargos or prices is narrowing. The market has been turning to competition in inventory management, speed of delivery…And logistics has been an indispensable part of the business.

Our company provides a variety of logistic services, focuses on transportation. We have a fleet of 20 tractors and heavy trucks that import from Mexico, Japan and Korea which can serve customers at any time, any route. Include:

  • Tractor renting service, devided by distance <25 km, 25 – 100km, 100- 200km, >200km. It can offer throughout the refinery, deep-water port and surrounding areas as well as long distance.
  • Truck renting service, from 2 ton to 10 ton. We are eager to provide reasonable prices and prompt service.
  • Crane renting service, from 7 ton to 15 ton. You can rent our cranes by day, by month and by trip


Crane Forklift


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