• Location : NSRP
  • Partner: PECI Limited Viet Nam, PTSC Thanh Hoa.
  • Scope of work: Our company performs the erection, dismantling, modification, inspection of scaffolding services. You will be satisfied by our professional services.
  • Time of project: From May 08th, 2017 till we complete scope of work. We have erected and dismantled up to 150.000 m3 scaffold in the period from May, 2017 to September, 2019 in NSRP site, both in commissioning and shutdown period.
  • Quantity of manpower supply: We supply a team of 50 people including 40 scaffolders, 5 supervisors and HSSE manager with scaffold certificates of all levels.
  • Materials supply: Scaffold materials including galvanized tube, plates, clamps of all kinds, base plate, sole plate, galvanized steel ladder.
  • Kind of scaffold erection: Tower, Suspended.

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