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  • Location : NSRP at Nghi Son, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa, Nghi Son Port, Hai Phong Port
  • Partner: Petrochemical Industries Company (K.S.C) – PIC
  • Scope of work: Our company performs all export supply chain of Polypropylene manufactured by Nghi Son refinery and Petrochemical Co; Ltd including:
  • Storing PP in the warehouse (with warehouse system acreage is up to 12,000 m2 and the capacity is about 15,000 MT).
  • Stuffing/Unstuffing goods into/out of the container ready for trucking or putting in the warehouse.
  • Trucking from warehouse in Nghi Son, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa to Hai Phong Port.
  • Providing freight forwarder services/customs clearance services for goods export to country all over the world (Intra Asia, Europe, US, Latin America…).
  • Provide trucking services in foreign country (door to door services).
  • Time of project: From middle of year 2018, we start the contract of supplying full package logistics services for PIC (warehousing – trucking – customs clearance – freight forwarder). Each month we receive about 25,000 MT of Polypropylene into/out of our warehouse. Until now, end of 2019, we receive about 300,000 MT Polypropylene and export up to 10,000 TEU (equals to nearly 150,000 MT of Polypropylene).
  • Quantity of truck supply: We supply fleet of 30 trucks and 05 forklifts for this project with all needed certificate & license for both trucks and truck drivers, always ready for receive and transport for export at anytime.

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