Vietsovpetro welcomes First -oil from BK 20 platform at Bach Ho field

At 20:00 o’clock on 26th October 2019, Vietsovpetro’s international laborers were happy to welcome the first commercial oil flow from MTD-2X well, BK-20 platform at Bach Ho (White Tiger) field with the initial oil amount of 288 tons per day and night. By continuing to drill more wells, BK-20 platform will contribute to a significant increase in oil and gas production for Vietsovpetro in 2019 as well as subsequent years.

It is known that BK-20 is the first mini BK platform of Vietsovpetro, a small BK generation with optimal design, low construction and operation cost, assigned by Vietsovpetro to the Scientific Research and Design Institute for carrying out the research and design to develop small and marginal fields. 

BK-20 is designed in the form of unmanned wellhead platform, controlled remotely from host platform CPP-3. The jacket and topside are designed in compact form, in which MSF, topside and Helideck are designed into one block and within 01 crane code of Hoang Sa crane. Total construction volume of platform BK-20 (including piles, jacket and topside) is nearly 2,300 tons, a decrease of more than 30% compared to the total construction volume of BK platforms of Vietsovpetro previously (such as ThTC-1/2/3, CTC-01, RC-9, BK-16, GTC-01, RC-4/5/6). Therefore, the total construction cost estimate of BK-20 decreases by 28% compared to the construction cost estimate of ThTC-3 platform and decreases by 37% compared to CTC-01 platform.

During implementation of the project, in order to timely put BK-20 platform into operation according to the deadline required by the 50th Vietsovpetro Assembly (30th October 2019), Vietsovpetro leaders and relevant departments/ units have urgently found ways to accelerate the implementation of the project, such as: speeding up the implementation of design, material and equipment procurement orders is prioritized for deployment in emergency mode, optimizing construction work onshore and offshore, designing additional temporary structural floors on the jacket to serve drilling and installing pine trees right after installing the jacket, looking for available materials in the warehouse of unused works to use in advance for the BK-20 platform… thereby meeting the project milestones. On 2nd April 2019, the First cut was done for the project and up to 22nd October 2019, the installation of jacket, topside, shipping connection pipes and underground cables was completed. On 23rd October 2019, Vietsovpetro’s acceptance committee conducted comprehensive acceptance of the BK-20 platform, evaluating that the project was implemented to ensure quality and absolute safety.

 Reinforcement of BK-20 topside on transport barges

Thanks to putting BK-20 platform into operation four days earlier than the plan assigned by the 50th  Vietsovpetro council, the increase amount in oil production in 2019 is 1152 tons.

K-20 platform at Bach Ho field

Thus, with the successful design and construction of the BK-20 platform, it proves that Vietsovpetro has been very proactive in development orientation and promptly assigned the Scientific Research and Design Institute to study in detail the optimal design solutions for the purpose of developing small and marginal fields during the exploration phase at Block 09-1 and adjacent blocks. BK-20 platform will be considered and applied to design and construction for potential areas such as BK-21, BK-19, RC-10… In addition, for BK-20 project, this is also the first time Vietsovpetro has put into synchronous operation of all items before the deadline, including: BK platform, underground pipes and cables. This proves the maturity of Vietsovpetro in the implementation of BK platform construction projects in particular and EPCI projects in general.

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